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Redout‚. The Book of Flowers. 40th Ed. / Редут. Книга квітів. 40-е вид. / publishing house Taschen

H. Walter Lack / Х. Уолтер Лак
1300,00 грн
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Floral Masterpieces The finest botanical treasures of Pierre-Joseph Redouté Flower painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759–1840) devoted himself exclusively to capturing the diversity of flowering plants in watercolor paintings which were then published as copper engravings, with careful botanical descriptions. The darling of wealthy Parisian patrons including Napoleon’s wife Josephine, he was dubbed “the Raphael of flowers,” and is regarded to this day as a master of botanical illustration. This collection brings our best-selling XL-sized edition to a smaller, more convenient format, still gathering some of the finest color engravings from Redouté’s illustrations of Roses, Lilies, and Choix des plus belles fleurs et quelques branches des plus beaux fruits (Selection of the Most Beautiful Blooms and Branches with the Finest Fruits). Offering a vibrant overview of Redouté’s admixture of accuracy and beauty, it is also a privileged glimpse into the magnificent gardens and greenhouses of a bygone Paris.

Автор H. Walter Lack / Х. Уолтер Лак
Видавництво Taschen
Формат156x217 мм
ОбкладинкаТвёрдая, мелованная бумага